MTech Advanced is an Enterprise created through the collaboration of Companies and operators in different industrial sectors to satisfy the needs of its clientele with skill, reliability and economical prices.
Our mission is to support our partners in the engineering stages and production of parts for machines used in industry and research. Our engineering and production activities are performed in-house by qualified technical personnel, using advanced machinery to guarantee quality and punctual delivery at competitive prices.
The production processes and technical solutions we offer are the result of continuous investments in research and development, carried out in the company and in collaboration with research centers and institutes.
Our project grows out of the conviction that to be competitive we have to combine skill, experience and professionality. We operate in Italy and throughout Europe, but we are also active in developing countries. Our product sectors of reference are pharmaceuticals, food products and aerospace, but we operate wherever quality, punctual deliveries and competitive prices are in demand. Among our clients we can count the main Laboratories and Research centers in Italy and Europe for the supply of vacuum chambers and systems and precision mechanical parts.
Our engineering, production, welding and assembly activities are carried out at our Parma and Noceto plants on premises that occupy 5,000 of building, between offices and production plant.